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Construction of new bearing format for automobile bearings in Linxi

Issuing time:2018-08-07 16:47

"Trial hub unit bearing can be put into mass production in a month." "Enterprises have any difficulties and problems, the relevant departments to work on-site and answer, as soon as possible to solve."

A few days ago, at the "automobile bearing" industry development symposium held in Linxi County, the county committee, county government leaders and a number of bearing manufacturers in the county, on the development of automobile bearing industry positioning, upgrading, brand building and other issues, conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges.

It is understood that domestic automobile bearing production enterprises are less, and North China is less. To this end, Linxi County from the bearing product characteristics, innovation, quality and reliability, and other aspects, to vigorously implement the development strategy of automotive bearings, through three-dimensional, diversified cultivation, support, drive the county's bearing industry to rely on scientific and technological innovation to do a good job in the new format, take a new way to improve and upgrade.

This year, Linxi County will take Hebei Bearing Industry Technology Research Institute as the platform, strengthen the deep cooperation with the Central Axis Association, promote the wide application of new technologies such as bearing refrigeration, drive and support enterprises to research and develop high-speed motor vehicles, automotive wheels and other high-end new products, and enhance core competitiveness. Linxi bearing experimental center and provincial key scientific research center with bearing R&D, testing, trial-production, application and technical service as a whole will be built, and a number of enterprise production, teaching and research bases will be established. Promote the deep integration of bearing industry in information technology and intelligent manufacturing industry, realize the numerical control production of large-scale bearing enterprises, intelligent enterprises, intelligent workshop construction.

At the same time, from the aspects of credit subsidy, product research and development, talent introduction, support enterprises to innovate independently, make up for the shortcomings of business management, staff quality improvement enterprise development. Linxi Bearing Industry Manufacturing Group should be set up to build a new pattern of modern bearing industry with outstanding product advantages, complete supporting facilities and strong market competitiveness, so as to make the automobile bearing project bigger and stronger.

At present, the county has more than 10 professional production enterprises of automobile bearings, accounting for 24% of the county scale bearing enterprises. It can produce more than 630 million sets of automobile axle and hub bearings, commercial wheel hub bearings, car hub bearing units and other products annually. The output value is more than 590 million yuan, and the sales volume of the products is increasing at an annual rate of 15%.

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